bullet August 27, 2010
Picture uploads temporarily limited to 20 at a time
Our server was migrated to a new 64bit server 2 days back. This has affected our picture uploading script. We are working to fix this issue, but until then, you can only upload 20 pictures at a time. Doing a mass upload of more than 20, will still result in only the first 20 pictures being saved.
bullet July 2, 2010
New version of upload tool
A new version of the upload tool was just uploaded. This should remove the app is expired error when trying to upload pictures. When prompted to allow the app to run, select yes. This will activate the upload tool to allow you to upload your pictures.
bullet October 31, 2009
New PictureSteal.com design
PictureSteal now has a new look. Redesigned to have a minimalist feel, our features and tools are now easier to find. To commemorate this day, all acounts have been upgraded to a 1GB limit. We have also launched our new custom theme page. You can now customize your page easily using our ready made themes.
bullet May 29, 2008
New space quota
We have updated our picture hosting space to 700mb for all free accounts. This is an increase from the previous 500mb provided to our users. Now you don't have to worry about running out of space when uploading your photos to PictureSteal.
bullet April 13, 2008
Pictures not showing correctly
A bug was recently discovered, which prevented some pictures from showing up properly. We've resolved this issue. Do drop us a mail if you have an album where your pictures are still not showing correctly and we will look into it.
bullet December 23, 2007
Want to add a slideshow of your album on your blog now? With PictureSteal's new feature, this is now possible. Open up any of your album and click on the "Share Pictures on your Blog" link. Copy the codes generated and paste onto your blog codes. Its that easy.
bullet September 22, 2007
Customise your own profile page
We're always improving. Now, you can upload your very own background image to customise your profile page hence making your page unique. This option is available under Edit Profile setting after signing in to PictureSteal.
bullet June 21, 2007
Slideshow & Photo Tagging
Slideshow view has been implemented. Open a picture and click on the 'View Slideshow' icon on the top of the picture. Also, a new form of picture tagging has been created. Highlight people or things in a picture by drawing a box around it and writting a comment to go along with it.
bullet May 12, 2007
Picture Resizing
PictureSteal will now automatically resize your pictures before uploading. What this means is your pictures will upload faster than before. Upload hundreds of photos in less time. That's the convenience of PictureSteal.
bullet December 7, 2006
New Upload function
PictureSteal has upgraded its upload form to allow easier picture uploads. Limitation of only 5 files per form submission has been removed and a progress bar now display the status of the upload.
bullet November 25, 2006
Launch of PictureSteal.com
PictureSteal has just launched and will now be open to new registration. Click on this link to get started. Join
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