About PictureSteal
PictureSteal is about sharing photos. It's about getting to know more people. It's about letting the world know who you are. Upload your photos with PictureSteal. Share photos with your friends. Leave your mark on group photos and let everyone know that's you. In a group photo, there's no more guesing who's who. That's what PictureSteal is working towards. Sign up now for our free account and see for yourself, the magic of PictureSteal.
PictureSteal launched in October 2006. It has went through many revisions, changes and improvements to become the site you are lookng at now. Lots of sacrifices went into creating this site. Along the way, many have offered their views, opinions and suggestions, many of which have been implemented. We hope you enjoy the site.

Special Thanks to the following contributors
Adelin, for her help in the beta testing of the site. She has helped to identify various bugs and made countless of suggestions to improve this site, most of which, has since been implemented. Her help has been very much appreciated.
Azel, for his help in providing the web hosting for the beta testing of the site. His hosting provided us with the environment we needed to develop and test the site. PictureSteal would not be here if it wasn't for him.